STEM Education – A deep dive

Why STEM?  What are the advantages and benefits of embracing STEM Education in your school? Different approaches to STEM – Integrated approach, Project based & Problem based, Planning STEM Education, implementation it in your school and effectively assessing STEM learning in your school.

STEM Education Lab

This section explains everything you need to know about STEM Education Lab. What is a STEM Lab? How to set up a cost-effective STEM Lab in your school? How to Build Your Own STEM Lab in your school? Where to source the components of the STEM Lab? How to get your teacher trained in teaching in STEM Lab? Do you really need external support contract that cost around a million dollars to run STEM Lab in your school? How much amount is needed to be budgeted for setting up your own cost effective STEM Lab in your school?

Design Thinking and Coding

Building curriculum and STEM classes / courses using design thinking, how design thinking can be used to build a framework for any STEM Education. Discovering the world of coding, Breakdown of skills needed to code, Examples of platforms for coding according to different age groups in School.

Learn from Best Practices

This session will provide opportunity to understand best practices and lessons learned during STEM implementation.