An education management expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry that includes hands on teaching and management experience, Prabitha is strongly passionate about improving educational standards globally as well as help providing access to ‘quality’ education to every child. Fascinated by technological advances, she keenly embraces technology and believe in using it to achieve goals at a faster pace.

Heading the K-12 business in her previous assignment she co-founded the STEM Academy division and formulated customized STEM programs for schools, mapped to their curriculum. Being the Product Manager for LEGO Education, she has attended the 5- day course of STEM ‘TRAIN THE TRAINER’ program at LEGO Education in Denmark. She has been invited to be a Judge at the National Robotics Olympiad, UAE for 4 consecutive years. During her service all these years, she has worn many hats- that of a teacher, a manager, a trainer, a STEM consultant, an FLL coach, and loves to see children getting to the core of creativity using technology and robotics. Her most recent work includes a comprehensive STEM teacher guide for the KeyStage 3 level based on the electronics platform, ‘littleBits’ and IoT (Internet of Things).