An energetic and self-motivated individual with productive interpersonal skills, eager to involve in joining the innovative marketplace, deeply interested in network infrastructure, wireless and cloud solutions, telecom and software platform based services.

Christians have done the following STEM related assignments in his current role;

  • Designing educational materials for the STEM projects.
  • Conducting STEM workshops.
    Projects built using littleBits electronic components.
  • Invented a rover operated by a littleBits Arduino micro-controller to do certain tasks.
  • Taught more than 1500 Emirati students electronics basics, programming using ArduBlock, design thinking basics.
  • Helped to draft, design and develop lesson plans for grade 7,8.9 using litteBits Electronics.
  • Integrated littleBits to build prototypes based on educational outcome of designed lesson plans.
  • Prototypes examples such as: Smart Pet Feeder, Automatic Candy Dispenser, Intelligent Arduino based rover, Smart fitBit, Measuring the atmosphere and more.